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From diverse and antique architectural heritage to modern art centres, Sicily offers art scenes for all tastes.

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Fast cars, helicopters or live volcanoes…choose your rush!

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Scale a live volcano, snorkel in one of Europe’s largest marine reserves……….or pit yourself against the bracing rapids of a gorge. Challenges abound.    



For those who relish the thought of getting away from it all to be surrounded by the diversity and wonders of Sicilian nature.


For those who are thrilled to walk out the front door straight into the hub of the action.  

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VIVÈMU SICILY offers tailor made plans catering to the needs of the discerning traveller intent on discovering Sicily in all its beauty and history. itineraries that unravel the complexities of the wine-growing areas and culturally diverse aspects of the island ensure the ultimate experience. Included are the possibilities of stays at wineries and in historic homes, as well as visits to archaeological sites.  These can […]

Sicilian Wine


Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, is one of Italy’s top wine travel destinations. In addition to its wine, Sicily is a marvellous place to visit for its cultural diversity, historical sites, food, beautiful beaches and seaside towns.

Wine tourism in Sicily is growing in part due to a consortium of passionate wine producers, Wines of Sicilia DOC, an organisation that aims to preserve and promote the island’s wine-making. Wine has been produced on the island since as early as the 8th century BC when the Greeks started cultivating grapes, and ancient varieties are still used in producing some of Sicily’s most prestigious wines.

Indigenous Sicilian wines include the crisp refreshing white Grillo and the full-bodied red Nero d’Avola.

Many wine makers have re-introduced other native grape varieties such as the white Catarratto and the red Frappato, often using them in blends with other varieties to make spectacular Sicilian wines. Almost 50 native grape varieties are now being used in wine making and many vineyards are also producing organic wines.

There is a saying: ‘In Sicily you only need to move the length of a fingernail to find a different terrain.’ Wine is produced in diverse areas of the island, each unique in it its agricultural potential. Think, for example, Etna’s black slopes, compared to Trapani’s Stagnone Lagoon and salt pans.


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